The Word Became Flesh


The Word became flesh and lived for a while

In a world plagued with sorrow and sin.

The magnificent Son – the most Holy One

Was determined the plague had to end.


The Word became flesh as the Father revealed

All His love in the life of His Son.

His manifest grace must have felt out of place

When He saw what the devil had done.


The Word became flesh as God testified

To the truth that had never been heard.

The Savior appeared, God spoke loud and clear

Through the voice of His Incarnate Word.

The Word became flesh as the Father set forth

To give freedom to all who were bound.

 Hope was restored, though  God’s Word was ignored

When a cross took the place of a crown.


The Word became flesh leaving heaven behind

Giving up all the honor He had.

“Abba Father” He cried as He suffered and died

“I now know what makes You so mad.”


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