This Poem Is A Prayer


This poem is a prayer

So as you read you ought to pray.

I thought it best the Lord should hear

These words I have to say.

This poem is a love song

So as you read you ought to sing.

You can praise the Lord our God

Who’s given life to you and me.

This poem is a dream

Which I have waited to come true.

I had been asleep for many years

But awoke when I found you.

This poem is a ending

To the two of us apart

And it culminates a miracle

Which brought love to my heart.

This poem is a beginning

To a never ending life

Where two can live as one

And both can live in Christ.

This poem is an answer

To a prayer prayed long ago

As it brings us both together

To a life we soon shall know.

This poem is a question

Which I cannot let you read

But if you’ll look into my eyes

I’ll ask you “will you marry me?”

December, 1980

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