Ode to Disc Golf

It’s been about a year since I have been soundly converted from a regular golfer to a disc golfer. Here are some reasons why I love the sport of disc golf:

Cost is minimal – All you need is one disc to play and a disc only costs about $15. There is no green fee or charge to play a disc golf course. Now admittedly most serious DGers have a bag full of discs but still for under $100 you can get years of play in. Contrast this with golf golf where an average green fee is around $50 for one round.

Takes about an hour – When I played the other kind of golf it was at least a half day event. 4-5 hours for a round was minimal. I can play a round of DG in about an hour if I am playing with one other person – 40 minutes if I play by myself.

Good exercise – Everybody says that walking is good exercise. The course that I generally play on has some hilly terrain so I feel like I am exercising when I play. I had gotten to the point where I almost always rode a cart with golf golf – not much exercise in that.

Fun way for guys to hang out – Guys don’t do good just sitting down over coffee and talking. They need to talk while being distracted by other stuff so that they don’t feel like they HAVE to talk. This is the great thing about DG. Guys can play together and find out about each other’s lives without the pressure of trying to keep a conversation going.

Hole in one – I played golf golf for 40 years and not once did I ever have a hole in one. I have been playing DG for about a year and already I have one hole in one under my belt. Pretty thrilling I must say.

My sons enjoy it – All 3 of my sons enjoy the game and we have a good time playing together. We actually started an annual Reyner Christmas Championship – Scott is the reigning champion.

I can be competitive – When I first started playing I would shoot about +18 for a round. Now I expect to be par or better. My best score to date is -5. And I feel like I can beat anyone I play I with on any given day. It usually doesn’t work out that way but at least I feel like I have a shot. Not bad for an over 50 guy.

Close to home – My home course is only 7 minutes away from my house. I love the fact that I can be at the course so quick.

Play year round – I would never play golf golf if the temperature was under 45 degrees. I can play DG all year. Last year I was out playing when it was 22 degrees. Just throw on a couple layers of clothes and I’m good to go.

Gives me something to ask for for Christmas – I never know what to ask for for Christmas or my birthday. Now that I’m playing DG I can always ask for a new disc that I want to try out. It’s something I will enjoy and an inexpensive gift for someone to buy.

So there you have it. So if you are reading this and have a sudden hankering to try the game out then give me a call. I’d love to get in a game with you and show you why its such a great sport.

2 thoughts on “Ode to Disc Golf

  1. Shay,

    Just want to say thanks for initiating me into the wonderful world of DG. In just over a month I feel that I am really enjoying the game, and that my skills are improving to the point that I might actually be able to give you and Marshall and the others a run for it in the next year.

    My wife loves that I have taken up DG, as it is a hobby that gets me out of the house and some moderate exercise without the cost of paintball (my last outdoors hobby). And I know what I am asking for for Christmas as well.

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