Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

I’ve been a fan of The Far Side cartoons for a long time. Of course the question behind the question in this cartoon is “Why did the chicken cross the road?” But what if it was me standing there instead of the chicken – what would MY question be? Here are a few that came to mind as I started pondering on this:

  • Why should I seek to live a holy and blameless life?
  • Why should I work at developing an intimate relationship With God?
  • Why should the motivation of everything I do be “will this be pleasing to the Lord?”
  • Why should I very loosely hold on to the material possessions that I have and presently enjoy?
  • Why should I be intentional about serving others and living a sacrificial life?
  • Why should the advance of the gospel be the focus of my ministry?

So why do I need a reason to do any of these things? The reason has already been given. Christ gave his life as a ransom to pay a debt that I could not pay on  my own. Were it not for His sacrificial death on the cross I would be doomed to live a life without an eternal purpose and doomed to die without knowing the One who created me and rescued me. However, because of what He has done for me I am destined for “the other side” and that is reason enough. The only real question at this point is “Will I be a chicken… or will I be a courageous servant of the Most High God?”


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