2010 Reyner Invitational

For the third Christmas in row my sons and I are competing in the Reyner Disc Golf Invitational Tournament. Scott is the two time defending champion. In past years we have played one round – winner take all. This year we are changing up the format. It is a four round competition. We are playing one round at Leigh Farm, one at Cornwallis, and two at our home course Valley Springs. Scoring goes like this: For each round  the 1st place finisher gets 4 points, 2nd place – 3 points, 3rd place  – 2 points, and 4th place – 1 point. Total points after all rounds is the winner. After our first round this is how we stand. Chad 4, Tucker 3, Shay 2, Scott 1. Our next match will be Sunday – weather permitting.

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