30 Years And Counting – An Anniversary Post

Whew! When I actually say it out loud it sounds like a long time. 30 years. I have been married a whole lot longer than I have not been married. And the good news is that I have been married to a wonderful woman. So those 30 years have not only gone by fast but they have been fun and full of great memories. So here are a few snapshots of us through the years as well as a few comments along the way.

December, 26, 1980

We began dating in 1979 in Galveston TX where we met when we were both involved in a summer beach project with Campus Crusade For Christ. We spent most of our dating time in different parts of the country. The first year I was in New Orleans finishing up my senior year at Tulane University and she was in Greensboro at UNC-G. Then the last 6 months I was in seminary in New England while she was in Raleigh at NSCU working on her Master’s in Education. I proposed on Christmas Eve 1980 at her parents home. I had Linda read a poem that I had written called This Poem Is A Prayer. (This picture was taken the day after Christmas in Charlotte at a family gathering.)

This Poem Is A Prayer

This poem is a prayer
So as you read you ought to pray.
I thought it best the Lord should hear
These words I have to say.
This poem is a love song
So as you read you ought to sing.
You can praise the Lord our God
Who’s given life to you and me.
This poem is a dream
Which I have waited to come true.
I had been asleep for many years
But awoke when I found you.
This poem is an ending
To the two of us apart
And it culminates a miracle
Which brought love to my heart.
This poem is a beginning
To a never ending life
Where two can live as one
And both can live in Christ.
This poem is an answer
To a prayer prayed long ago
As it brings us both together
To a life we soon shall know.
This poem is a question
Which I cannot let you read
But if you’ll look into my eyes
I’ll ask you…

And when she looked up I said “Will you marry me?”

It is easy to remember our anniversary – 8.1.81. We were married at the Sedge Garden United Methodist Church in Kernersville, NC – which is the town that Linda grew up in. Then we honeymooned in Bermuda for a week. Don’t you just love the big fat tie.

August 1, 1981
August 1, 1981
Bermuda Honeymoon

We lived in Raleigh for the first year that we were married while Linda finished up her graduate studies at NCSU. Then we packed up all our worldly belonging and moved to Massachusetts where we spend our first anniversary – and where we had our first “child” – Cassidy, a golden retriever from Salem, MA. We called her the witch dog the first few months of her life because she was so destructive.

1st Anniversay, Ipswich MA
Our first puppy - Cassidy

After graduating from seminary we moved to Raleigh where we spend from 1983-1993. We were in ministry at Providence Baptist Church. Then we transitioned to Durham where we have been for the last 18 years at Ridgecrest Baptist Church. Here are a few more pics of us on some of our anniversaries. You can watch us as we age ever so gracefully.

Anniversary 5 - just had our first child Christy
Anniversary 10 - St Thomas. Scott and Tucker had been born
Anniversary 20 - our first cruise... in the Bahamas
Anniversary 25

Here’s a picture from last year when we were in Peru on an International World Changers Trip and then also a recent picture of our family.

Peru, 2010
Christy, Chad, Tucker, Scott, Shay and Linda

So 30 years has gone by really fast. We are both 53 years old now, starting to feel like we might be approaching middle age but still very young in our hearts. We have been incredibly blessed through the years with 2 great churches to serve in, 3 awesome kids and now a wonderful son-in-law, terrific friends, and above average health. We have had the chance to travel a lot and see this beautiful world but mostly we have been able to enjoy and serve the God who created this world.We are looking forward to what lies ahead of us because we “rejoice in the hope of the glory of God”. If you are reading this, thank you for being a part of our journey. As I often sing… It’s a great day to be alive!

4 thoughts on “30 Years And Counting – An Anniversary Post

  1. Happy Anniversary, and hope you have 30+ more. Great story. God is good. Oh, I don’t see much difference in either of you as you have have aged, except you once had hair. 🙂 That’s okay, Lots of men shave their heads to get what God gave you naturally.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Linda who have truly blessed my life through your service. And I must say, you both have aged beautifully/handsomely!! God’s blessings for many more wonderful years together.

  3. Happy Anniversary! We are very blessed to know you all. Hope you have 30 more plus years together. God is great!

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