Prayer Mentoring with Daniel Henderson

This is an excerpt from Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson. I have been reading this book for the last several weeks and have found it very helpful.

“So as we prepare to clearly understand and apply a pattern that can enliven our prayer life and give us a biblical, balanced, approach to prayer let’s review a quick list of “pray this, not that” principles.

Pray to seek God’s face NOT just His hand.

Pray with your heart fixed on God’s glory NOT just for personal satisfaction

Pray from the treasure of God’s word NOT simply from a list of your own ideas

Pray according to the Spirit’s instruction NOT only from human reason

Pray with a heart completely surrendered to His will NOT with a hurried personal agenda

Pray in anticipation of living triumphantly in the warzone NOT with a satisfaction with the comfort zone.

Pray that God would change you NOT that He would simply change things.”

My Comments:  I need all these reminders. More often than not my prayer life centers around me me me. I typically have my own agenda when I come to God in prayer. I need to learn to listen, to be still, and to focus on the One who sits upon the throne of grace. I need to come into God’s presence and just sit and be quiet and wait and learn the value of silence. So hard.

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