Prayer Mentoring with David – Psalm 57

To read Psalm 57 you can click HERE.

There are several things from this Psalm that stand out to me…

A note about the context – David has fled from King Saul (1 Samuel 24) and is hiding in a cave. If I were journaling about this experience I would have noted, “I found refuge in a cave.” David, however, says “…in You my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” David knew that that if God wanted him to be found then the cave would not protect him. His only refuge was in the Lord. This is a great reminder – that when things look bleak and life is tough I can run to God and find refuge in a way that I can find it no where else.

He says in verse 2 that he cries out to “God Most High, who fulfills His purpose for me” – David instinctively knew that that he was a part of God’s grand purpose. At this point in his life that purpose included hiding in a cave. Sometimes God allows us to have cave experiences so that we can learn to cling to God.

There is significance to the name David uses in this verse for God – God Most High. God, from His exalted place in the heavens, has a vantage point that we do not have. He can see the big picture. He can see how Davids’ cave experience will be used to grow him. He can see how our tough times and difficult days will mold us and make us and shape us. When we find ourselves in these places we must cry out to Him. Take refuge in Him. Find solace in Him – because He is fulfilling His purposes for us. And I am reminded that His purposes for me are usually not my purposes for me.

Twice in this Psalm David mentions the love and faithfulness of God (vs 3 & 10). He does this at a time when his life is in danger. Even in crisis – when life is seemingly austere- his faith in the love and faithfulness of God triumphs over despair and hopelessness. This is an incredible perspective to have and the mark of genuine faith.

Finally I will mention what seems to be a refrain in this Psalm. It is a phrase that David repeats two times. “Be exalted O God, above the heavens; let Your glory be over all the earth.” (vs 5  & 11). It is as if David has adopted this phrase as his life goal. Not a bad one to have. Whether he is the King reigning over the nations or a fugitive running for his life his desire is that God might be exalted and that God’s glory might be pervasive.

May this be true for me and for you as well.

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