Pondering Psalm 119:1-40

Posting this as we wake up to the news of all the election results. I will say 2 things: 1) I am glad that I have been elected by God, and 2) My hope and trust is Him and not in our government (no matter who was elected.) And I am grateful for His Word…

Psalm 119:1-40

As may be true for many people, Psalm 119 is my favorite Psalm. So this is not my first time pondering it. It is a Psalm that I frequently come back to when I feel like I am going through a period when I do not feel like reading Scripture. There are so many choice verses that reinvigorate me spiritually and help to re-create a hunger for God and His Word. Here are some of the verses from this week’s pondering and a few comments about them.

13 With my lips I recount
    all the laws that come from your mouth.

The Psalmist evidently loved God’s Word so much that it was the subject of  conversations that he had with people. I find that I talk much more about sports, politics, and current events than I do about the Word of God. Is this an indication of how passionate I am about Scripture? I think probably yes.

14 I rejoice in following your statutes
    as one rejoices in great riches.

We live in a very materialistic culture. I am very much a materialist myself. I find that it is easy for me to be a God-follower as long as I have all my material needs being met. I often wonder would I do so if to the same degree if these were stripped away from me. In other words, where does my joy come from?

18 Open my eyes that I may see
    wonderful things in your law.

What a great prayer! I am so blind so much of the time to the truths of the Word and to the power in God’s promises that I need my eyes to be opened. “Lord open my eyes that I may see…”

36 Turn my heart toward your statutes
    and not toward selfish gain.
37 Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
    preserve my life according to your word.

Another great prayer that I find myself coming back to. Again and again. And again! I find that more often than  not I pursue selfish gain and worthless things rather than the Word of God. This prayer right here needs to be my daily Scripture mantra.

I’m Just sayin’!

Next Week: Psalm 119: 41-80

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