2012 Christmas Letter

(Each year we try to write a Christmas letter as a way of reflecting on the past year. Here is this year’s letter – written by Linda)

December 2012

What a difference a year makes!  We are so thankful to be celebrating this season and have much to reflect on this year.  If you have a great memory, you will realize that we did not send any correspondence last year.  We had a great trip planned for the holidays and were going to send greetings when we returned.  The trip did not go as planned and here we are a year later –but with so much to be thankful for.

Grayson5WE ARE GRANDPARENTS!!  Grayson Scott Ferrell arrived on November 17th –  10 days late, 29 hours of labor but 8 lb. 2 oz of pure love!   We are loving watching him grow and change.

Tucker is engaged!  He is a senior at NC State, will graduate in May and then is planning to marry his fiance, Danielle, soon after.  He became engaged the same day Grayson was born!  Tucker is planning to go to Southeastern Seminary next year.  He is currently interning at a local church.

LIFE – We are so grateful for the life we have been given and the life we experience in Christ.  He came to rescue and redeem us – and give us life abundantly.

Christy and Chad left in June 2011 to serve in central India for 14 months, training church leaders and working with Southern Baptist missionaries.  We planned to visit them over the holidays – spending several days with them experiencing life in their town and then we were going to spend the holidays with them in Thailand.  Scott and Tucker were also able to go.

AccidentShortly after arriving, Shay, Christy, and I were involved in a scooter accident.  If you want the details of that event, go to Christy’s blog:  chadandchristy.blogspot.com.   (It is her most read blog!)  Shay has several great reflections on his blog also. (sreyner.blogspot.com – Jan 2012).

As we approach the one year anniversary of the accident, we are so thankful for healing.  I finished physical therapy in April and began to run again consistently this summer (much sooner than I had been told I would).   I have 4 plates in my face, a temporary tooth, and nerves still regenerating in my face and leg – but there have been so many miracles surrounding the entire ordeal.  We are grateful and overwhelmed at the protection and presence of the Lord through it all.  Christy’s eye has healed completely and Shay’s ear looks normal (unless you look for the scar!)  His back is fairly tender at times and he has to be careful.

Chad and Christy are temporarily living with us (yes, that means we get to see Grayson daily!!) while they search for their next position.  After their experience in India, Chad would like to be involved in planting a church.  Scott has also lived with us for the last 1-1/2 years as he completes his seminary degree. (He was a wonderful help last winter when I couldn’t walk or drive!)  He is also seeking where the Lord would have him as he has only one class remaining on his degree.   So our home is full once again and we love it!  We are so thankful for this house the Lord led us to 3 years ago.

Our church has experienced changes over the past year and Shay is now the Pastor of Discipleship Ministries.  He is enjoying those responsibilities!  He blogs weekly and is enjoying having Scott and Chad around to play disc golf!   I am still a counselor at the middle school- I only missed 4 days after the Christmas break due to the accident.  I went back to work and even taught my classroom sessions seated on my walker!

We continue to be in the season of life where there are many changes for our children – but we are loving the relationships we have with them and have been so blessed by the ways they have all served us during the last year.

As we reflect on this year –  it’s one of those times we would have never asked for but the Lord continues to use for good in our lives.   We are so very grateful for family and friends (we were incredibly blessed by your prayers and gifts of food following the accident), for the gift of our grandson, for the anticipation of a wedding, but mostly for Jesus as we celebrate the Incarnation – God taking on flesh that He might take our place on a cross so that we might have life.

Merry Christmas,

Shay and Linda


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  1. How awesome! It is so wonderful that God is right there with us in the highs and the lows, & He is sovereign in all things. What a blessing that your kids have been able to be there, that you still like them (LOL!) and that your healing has been so amazing. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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