Brick #2 – John 3:16

BbB“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

My guess is that if you know any verse in the Bible then you know this one. But let the truth of what it says really sink in.

Salvation’s Cause – The motivating factor behind God’s redemptive plan is His love for us. And He not only loves us… He SO loves us. Have you grasped just how much you are loved by God?

Salvation’s Cost – Our salvation did not come without cost. Freedom is never free; it is always bought with blood. Our salvation came with a terrible and terrific cost: God GAVE! Have you pondered deeply what Christ did for you when He went to the cross on your behalf?

Salvation’s Condition – Salvation is not spelled “d-o”, but “d-o-n-e”. Salvation is already purchased for us with the blood of Christ. Our part is to believe – to transfer our trust from ourselves to His finished work on the cross: whosoever BELIEVES. Have you placed your faith in Christ and received  salvation and been adopted into His family?

We live in country of easy believism. I’m not sure that you can really believe in a way that saves you and sanctifies you UNTIL you 1) grasp how much you are “so loved” and 2) grasp what Christ really did for you on the cross.

Salvation’s Consequence – What a promise! We will not perish but will have ETERNAL LIFE. And not just eternal life but also abundant life while we journey through this world (John 10:10).

You can’t have a solid foundation without understanding this “brick”. Don’t let its familiarity keep you from thinking deeply about it and embracing the truths personally.

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