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PonderingExtrasJohn Macarthur, in his commentary on this passage in Romans tells the following story as he ponders the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that Paul begins to unfold.

“The story is told of a very wealthy man who had many valuable art treasures. His only son was quite ordinary but was dearly loved. When the son died unexpectedly as a young man, the father was so deeply grieved that he died a few months later. The father’s will stipulated that, at his death, all his art works were to be publicly auctioned and that a painting of his son was to be auctioned first. On the day of the auction the specified painting was displayed and the bidding was opened. Because neither the boy nor the artist were well known, a long time passed without a bid being offered. Finally, a long-time servant of the father and friend of the boy timidly bid seventy-five cents, all the money he had. When there were no other bids, the painting was given to the servant. At that point the sale was stopped and an official read the remainder of the will, which specified that whoever cared enough for his son to buy the painting of him would receive all the rest of the estate.”

That story illustrates God’s provision for fallen man. Anyone who loves and receives His son, Jesus Christ, will inherit the heavenly Father’s estate as it were.

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