Pondering Extras on Romans 1:24-32

PonderingExtrasHere are a few thoughts by Charles Swindoll on this passage…

Tough love is tough on everybody. Good parents don’t enjoy disciplining their children, truth be told, they hate it. And churches must sometimes take a strong stand when a member refuses to stop behavior that is self-destructive, damaging to the family, or clearly dishonoring to God. However, if we genuinely love someone, we cannot remain passive passive while sin destroys the sinner and everyone affected by his or her evil deeds. While we are not responsible for the choices of another, we can refuse to allow destructive behavior in our presence. This is, in fact, the approach the Creator has taken with sinful creation.

Humanity’s complete rejection of God left Him no other choice but to pronounce judgment, which began with His “giving over” humankind to their sin. Theologians call this “judicial abandonment.” Judicial abandonment is not the same as rejection. It is, instead, the first step in God’s plan of redemption.

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