Pondering Extras on Romans 2:17-29

PonderingExtrasFrancis Schaeffer said this:

“External rites, whether those of Judaism or of Christendom are meaningless unless there is a circumcision of the heart, unless God has touched the person’s heart and there is a reality to his or her faith…. To live livesthat are a scandal in the sight of nonbelievers, to profess a faith that means nothing in our inward parts, this surely places us under God’s wrath.”

Donald G Barnhouse said this:

“There are those who are attached to form, ceremony, liturgy, religious precepts and practices, and all the attitudes that go with such attachment, and who are yet alien to the grace of God. They have ritual without redemption, works without worship, form of service without the fear of God in its proper sense, and thus they come under the condemnation of God.”

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