Pondering Extras on Romans 4:21-31

PonderingExtrasPaul says, “If those who are of the law are heirs, faith is made void and the promise is nullified” Romans 4:14. In other words, the “promise” of God’s grace was meant to be received by “faith”, not earned by what he calls “Being of the law” – a phrase that probably implies relying on our religious culture or morality rather than on God’s grace. John Piper

It becomes more clear now why and how his faith brought  righteousness to Abraham: it was because he depended on the Word of God, and did not reject the grace that God promised. This relationship between faith and the Word is to be continually maintained and committed to memory. John Calvin

Abraham trusted God even though God gave him no proof, nor even a sign. Rather, there were only mere words promising things which by nature were impossible. John Chrysostam

Abraham worshiped and served a big god. he understood his Maker to be immensely more powerful than any human impossibility. And from him we learn two important lessons about faith.

  • Genuine faith is strengthened when we must wait on God’s promises to be fulfilled. When we must wait to receive something the lord has promises, we gradually turn our eyes away from circumstances to look instead on the greatness and faithfulness of God.
  • Genuine faith is directly proportional to our knowledge of God. As we fully comprehend His nature, our faith cannot help but grow.

Charles Swindoll

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