Pondering Extras on Romans 7:1-6

PonderingExtrasA prayer by John MacArthur on this passage:

“Father, we’re thankful tonight that we’ve been able to look into Your Law, say with the psalmist, “O how I love Your Law.” These are just basic, simple, foundational understandings, but so important for us. And for many of us through the years these are well-known truths, how important they are for those that are new in the faith, or those that have been unclear or untaught. We thank You for the greatness of our salvation and the full deliverance that is provided for us in Christ, deliverance from the law. We thank You at the same time that we’ve been delivered from the threat that it holds over the sinner. We have not been delivered from its goodness, its righteousness, its holiness, its spirituality, its blessings, its potential for…for fruitfulness, but rather we have been placed in a position by Your grace to be free from punishment by the Law and free to fulfill it by Your Spirit. We desire to be obedient and thereby to grow in sanctification to follow the path of Christ, consistently being made more and more like Him who perfectly obeys You. That is our desire. Sanctify us by Your Word and may we be useful to You in bringing honor to Christ, we pray in His name. Amen.”

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