Pondering Extras on Romans 8:5-8

PonderingExtrasJ Vernon McGee says:

“Flesh in believers is incorrigible, my friend. It is in rebellion against God. It has been carrying a protest banner before the gates of heaven ever since man came out through the gates of paradise in the Garden of Eden.”

“The believer has the Holy Spirit to deal with the flesh, that big bully. I learned a long time ago that I can’t overcome it (FLESH). So I have to turn it over to Somebody who can. The Holy Spirit indwells believers. He wants to do that for us, and He can!… It is humiliating but true that the child of God retains this old Adamic nature (THE FLESH). It means defeat and death to live by the FLESH. No child of God can be happy in living for the things of the FLESH. The prodigal son may get into the pig pen, but he will never be content to stay there. He is bound to say, “I will arise and go to my father.”…There is one thing for sure: if you are living in the FLESH (more accurately “LIVING FLESHLY”), and you are a child of God, you are not having fellowship with God. You can’t.”

“The Law was a straitjacket put on the flesh to control it. The flesh rebelled and chafed under the irksome restraint of the Law. The flesh had no capacity or desire to follow the injunctions of the Law. The flesh broke out of the restraint imposed by law and therefore brought down the irrevocable penalty for breaking the Law, which is death.”

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