Pondering Romans 12:1-2

Book-of-RomansFor this familiar passage that is replete with ponderable phrases I am going to share my journal entries this week that took the form of prayers.

Father, I am grateful for your mercy. You have withheld from me what I deserve – your fierce wrath. And instead you have rescued me and given me LIFE. It only makes sense that I would then offer my life to You as a living sacrifice. It only makes sense that I demonstrate my gratefulness by offering my body as an act of worship. Today would You take my eyes, my mouth, my hands, my feet, my mind – and may I find joy in the offering.

Father I am grateful that many years ago you changed my heart from a heart of stone to a heart that beats for You. Would You continue the process now of transforming my mind so that I don’t conform to the patterns of this world but rather live a life of holiness that is pleasing and acceptable to You.
Father, I confess that in many ways I have conformed to the patterns of this world. I have allowed the world to squeeze me into it’s mold rather than allowing Your Spirit to shape me and change me into the new creation that I am supposed to be. Today would You make me aware of areas where I have allowed this to happen and begin to wean me from my worldly ways so that in the years that I have left I will be a living sacrifice upon the altar of Your mercy and grace.
Next Week’s Passage: Romans 12:3-8
Memory Verses: Romans 8:1-28

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