Pondering Romans 12:3-8

Book-of-RomansYou can read the passage by clicking HERE.

Paul is talking to the church in Rome about “gifts of grace”. He wants them to focus on how they have been gifted by God – and not focus on what their gifts are not. We have a tendency to focus on how we are not gifted. We are generally pretty good at looking at others in the body of Christ and thinking we wish we had their skill set or talent or gift. I know I am at least. I’ve always wanted to be gifted musically, but alas, it is just not in my DNA. You can ask almost anyone.

Paul is encouraging us to use the gifts we do have. They are necessary to the body of Christ. If I choose not to use my gifts because I am not a musician then I am hurting the church.

I like what commentator Gib Martin says: “We will help each other most if we focus on whatever task God has set before us. We will become ineffective members of the body if we compare ourselves to other members or if we grumble about our role. God created us with certain gifts for certain jobs. Each job is absolutely crucial to our overall task of being Christ to the world. Every gift is a spiritual endowment from God meant to make and keep the Body of Christ healthy.”

Do you know how God has spiritually endowed you to serve the Body of Christ? If not, find someone who can help you  – because until you do you will feel sort of like an appendix – you know you are a part of the body but you are not really sure what or why you are there for.

Next Week’s Passage: Romans 12:9-21
Memory Verses: Romans 8:1-29

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