Pondering John 1:19-34


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If John the Baptist ever applied for a job I have no doubt that he would list Jesus as one of his references.  This is what Jesus had to say about John: “Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist.” (Matthew 11:11). Now keep in mind that Jesus and John were cousins. And their moms were close. Presumably they spent a lot of time together as kids. Just imagine what that would have been like for John – having a cousin/playmate who was literally the “perfect kid.”

Even with all the time that they spent together growing up John was clueless about who Jesus was. It was not until God revealed to John at Jesus’ baptism His true identity that John began to put two and two together. Imagine John’s surprise. Like most Jews, John was on the lookout for the Messiah. In fact, John knew that God had called him to be a “voice” to prepare people for the coming of the Christ. He just didn’t know who, when, or where.

And then one day while John is baptizing, his cuz shows up to be baptized as well, and something happens that thoroughly convinces John that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah. And from that point his message changed from “the Messiah is coming, get ready” to “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”

Here are two takeaways for me from this passage:

1) Am I thoroughly convinced that Jesus is the Messiah, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world? And if I answer yes to that question, does my life and lifestyle reflect that conviction? It is a question that deserves serious, intentional reflection. It is one thing to say that I believe that Jesus is the Christ. It is another thing entirely to live out that belief with authenticity, courage, humility, and perseverance. This is what John the Baptist did.

2) To what degree am I a voice preparing the way for people to receive and believe that Jesus is the One that they have been longing for? Most of us will not be a voice like John the Baptist. But how are we giving voice to our convictions and to our excitement that Jesus is the satisfier of our souls?

“Father, would you empower me, by your Spirit who dwells within me, to boldly live out my convictions and to give a clear courageous voice to what I believe.”

Next Week’s Passage: John 1:35-51

3 thoughts on “Pondering John 1:19-34

  1. Hi Shay,

    I was reminded by this week’s passage that we should always be pointing others to Christ. When John was asked who he was, he confessed the truth and pointed to Christ as the Messiah, even when it had not yet been revealed to him that the Messiah was Jesus. I also imagine that some people thought this was some type of false endorsement since John and Jesus were cousins…that John or Jesus would gain something by “lying” and stating that Jesus was the Messiah. Time eventually showed that John was being truthful and that both he and Jesus would make sacrifices for the truth that they spoke. It’s a reminder to confess the truth even when there is no guarantee that others will believe us.

    Sunday morning on the last day of the retreat, you said to be watchful because the devil is ready to attack. This week was pretty ironic for me looking back on what you said Sunday morning. As soon as I left your driveway, my check engine light came on and I ended up spending several hundred dollars getting my car repaired on Monday. The experiments I did during the beginning of the week failed and I came down with a cold on Wednesday. Despite all the unexpected events this week, our discussions on contentment came back to me and I looked at all of it as an opportunity to practice what I learned over the weekend. Thank you for all the work you put into preparing our lessons for the retreat!


  2. My answer to the first takeaway is a definite yes to the first part of it. It is my prayer that my life does reflect my love for and joy in Christ. My prayer also is that what others see in me, they will want it too. Given the world we live in today, I believe it is important to live that kind of life. Your comment that it needs serious thought is spot on. I have to work at it everyday…sometimes I fail, I fear, and I find myself often asking forgiveness for my failures, and asking God to lead me daily in my walk with Him. In my daily devotion from. “Jesus Calling”, the first sentence is “Approach this day with the awareness of WHO is boss.” If we would only remember that, our lives would run more smoothly, and it would be so much easier to let our lifestyles reflect our true convictions

    As to the second takeaway, I am still pondering that. I wonder some days if I am reaching anyone with my convictions and to my excitement that He is the satisfier of my soul. So, I will keep your prayer at the end “Father, would you empower me, by your Spirit who dwells within me, to boldly live out my convictions and to give a clear courageous voice to what I believe.”, and pray to that end everyday.

    Btw, in today’s world, would we be likely to get a job if we used Jesus as a reference? I wouldn’t hesitate, but I’m not sure that I would get the job,…but then, that would be God’s way of telling me that He has other plans for me.

    Thanks for your insight into the Word of God.


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