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QuotesWorthPonderingThe following is from a book I just finished by Jim Belcher entitled In Search of Deep Faith. An excellent read. He is commenting here on one of his heroes of the faith, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who spent the last part of his life imprisoned because of his role in the resistance movement against Hitler:

“Even in his small, dark and damp cell, Bonhoeffer believed that life was pregnant with meaning because he knew this life had an important destination. His eschatology (view of the end times) shaped his thinking and his imagination in the present. He had the ability, unlike so many of us today, to envision a different world. He didn’t just think about hope; he lived it. In spite of the reality that was all around him, a reality profoundly marked by evil and decay, he saw the world differently – he had an eschatological imagination. And this allowed him to live courageously and hopefully in the midst of the darkness.” (p. 246)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Among Lutheran leaders in the faith, I think DB too often gets missed in the shadow of Luther (who I understand was not too quick to oppose disdain of Jews).

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