Pondering John 4:27-54


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There are a lot of lives that are changed in the passages in this chapter. The  woman at the well,  many of the Samaritans, the royal official, the official’s son,  the official’s household. And it seems to me that there are three things that God used in a powerful way to help bring about life change.

The Word of God – The woman at the well and the royal official were both changed as a result of a conversation with Jesus. The Word of God is powerful. This is why the preaching and teaching of God’s Word is so important. It is important that teachers and preachers take their role as instruments seriously and do the work necessary to present God’s Word with grace and truth and power. And it is important for believers to regularly listen to God’s Word with humility and hunger.

An intriguing invitation – In verse 29, the woman gives a simple invitation to the people in her town to “Come, see!” No doubt this intrigued them because they  could tell how excited she was. She generally tried to steer clear of people but in this case she could not help but tell others what she had found. I wonder if people sense an excitement from us when we invite them to church to come and see what God is up to. Are we genuinely excited about what God is doing in our lives? If we are not excited then we can’t expect others to be excited about wanting to “come and see.”

The testimony of a changed life – People can argue whether Jesus is the Son of God. They can argue whether he has been raised from the dead. They can argue if the Bible in the inerrant Word of God. The can argue about God’s existence. But they can’t argue or dismiss a life that has been radically changed. One of the reasons that the church has been so ineffectual is that it is filled with people who confess that Jesus is Lord but live as if He is not. If you have been changed, people will notice. If you are growing in your relationship with God, people will notice. Your testimony is powerful. The question is whether it is powerful in a good way or a bad way. Whether it is drawing being to God or pushing them away.

Father, would You continue to use Your Word to change me. Give me a hunger and a humility as I listen and learn. And then would You use the testimony of my life to influence and impact others with the gospel.

Next Week’s Passage: John 5:1-15

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