Pondering John 9:13-41


You can read the passage by clicking HERE.

Here are a couple of principles that struck me as I pondered this passage…

People need good community to thrive – Notice vs 20-23. The parents of the blind man were reticent to say too much because they feared excommunication from the synagogue. For Jews, their lives were centered around the local synagogue. It was not only where they practiced their faith but it was also where all their social connections were. Excommunication would have meant living life in isolation and this was too scary a thought for them to even think about. They knew how much they needed their community both to survive and to thrive.

We in America have lost sight of the value of community. Social media has shown us how  true this is. The only problem with social media, as great as it is, is that it gives a false sense of community. We feel like we are connected to people when we really aren’t. As believers we need  authentic community. It is vital to our spiritual, social, and emotional health.

Bad theology is a prescription for spiritual disaster – The Pharisees were picking and choosing from the Older Testament what they wanted to believe about the Messiah. This was true concerning their other beliefs as well. This is why their theology was so off base concerning the blind man and why he was blind.

There are many many people in our churches today whose theology is very shallow. All believers are theologians – theology being the study of God. The question is whether our theology is based on all of Scripture or do we just pick and choose what sounds good to us. This much I do know – if our theology is bad it will fail us as we try to make sense of life and cause us to be a laughingstock to the unbelieving world. Don’t shy away from studying theology – it is good for your soul.

“Father, thank You for my Connect Group, the community of believers I have that helps me to grow and challenged me to know You better.”

Next Week’s Passage: John 10:1-21

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