Sabbatical Lessons Learned Along the Journey – Florence

From Piazza Michaelangelo overlooking Florence
From Piazza Michaelangelo overlooking Florence

Florence was the epicenter of Renaissance Italy and Michaelangelo was the dominant figure of the Renaissance. Born in 1475, Michaelangelo is considered one of the greatest artists in all of history. He was a prolific painter, poet, and architect but his real passion was sculpting. When we were in Rome we saw 2 of his major works: Moses and The Pieta. Here in Florence we stood in line over an hour to enter the Accademia and see his most amazing work – David.

Michaelangelo's David
Michaelangelo’s David

It took over two years for Michaelangelo to complete this 17 foot tall work of art, finishing it when he was about 28 years old. It is amazing to me to think that he started with a block of marble and kept chiseling away until he had this incredible masterpiece. Such detail. Such definition. Such imagination. And as great as the sculpture is I came away thinking how awesome the sculptor was.

And then this verse came to mind: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10). God is in the process of chiseling away all the excess stuff in my life – working diligently day by day, perfecting little by little the masterpiece that He calls Shay. And He is doing the same in your life. Sometimes the chiseling is painful. No doubt it is a slow process. And often we can’t figure out what God is up to. But the end result, as we allow God to do His work, will be something beyond our imagination, crafted by God, that others will marvel at – but who will stand back and exclaim what an incredible artist The Lord our God is. May it be so in my life!

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