Pondering John 16:5-16



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Verse 7 sounds like something your mom or dad might say to you when they are telling you something that you really don’t want to hear – I know you don’t like this but it is for your own good that I am doing this.

The NIV says it like this, “It is for your good that I am going away…”

How could it possibly be good that Jesus is going away. The disciples can’t even imagine life without Jesus with them. And that’s the whole point. Jesus knows that He can’t physically be present with all of His disciples all of the time. And yet, He can – in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some of the things the Newer Testament tells us that the Holy Spirit does in the life of a believer:

  • He brings about conviction of sin (Jn 16:8)
  • He guides us into all truth (Jn 16:13)
  • He reminds us of Jesus’ words (Jn 14:26)
  • He dwells within us and gives us life and peace (Romans 8:9)
  • He helps us to pray (Rom 8:27)
  • He enables us with gifts to serve the church (1 Cor 12)
  • He produces fruit is us that reflects the character of God (Gal 5)
  • He guarantees our salvation (Eph 1:14)
  • He empowers us to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8)

If indeed He does all these things then it seems to me that we as believers need to pay more attention to the Spirit’s presence in our lives. I for one am guilty of trying to live out the Christian life in my own strength. I forget that I have the Spirit of the living God dwelling within me.

“Father, would you fill me and fuel me today with your Spirit that I might have all that I need to do all that You want me to do today.”

Next Week’s Passage: John 16:17-33


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