Pondering John 16:17-33


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What I love about this passage of Scripture is the conversation that the disciples have among themselves in verses 17-18. Jesus has been talking with them about some things that they are finding hard to understand. When they have some time to themselves they pick up the conversation and discuss his teaching – trying to get a handle on what He meant.

I love that Jesus’ words don’t go in one ear and out the other.

I love that they don’t just “skip over” this hard teaching of Jesus.

I love that they don’t disregard something He said that didn’t suit them.

I love that their conversations are centered around Jesus’ words and that they seem willing to grapple together.

These are all marks of a disciple. DIsciples don’t know everything there is to know about being a Christian. But they are people who listen intently to the Word of God. People who love the hard sayings of Jesus as much as the easy sayings of Jesus. People who obey – even when it doesn’t suit their fancy. People who love to talk about the Scriptures with other disciples more than they like to talk about the weather, and health, and sports, and politics.

“Father, would You thrill me daily with Your Word that I might have the same kind of passion for it that these early disciples has.”

Next Week: John 17:1-26 

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