The Staff Infection

Many of you who are Ridgecrest people have already seen these videos. I’m including them in a blog post as a way of archiving them for my personal memories bank.

But here is a little history to go along with them. Not long after I came to Ridgecrest (21+ years ago) we began putting on a church-wide Valentine’s Banquet. It included a good meal, some table talk, some entertainment, some games, and some giveaways. At some point, perhaps 15 years ago, our staff took on the task of providing the entertainment. Our thought was that it would be good for our people to see that we had a fun side as well as a spiritual side. 15 years later The Staff Infection, as we were dubbed, is still going strong. There have been some very memorable performances. But I might also add that there have been some very forgettable ones as well. Here is a short compilation video of some of the ones that we have done over the years – put together by our Worship Pastor, Al Huffman.

Last night we had a blast doing this year’s entertainment. Here is some of the backstory. We were brainstorming a few weeks ago about what to do and threw out the idea of doing something with the movie Frozen since it has been so huge this year. Al started googling some things and came upon another group calling themselves The Staff Infection who had done some choreography to the song “Let It Go.” They are a bunch of Cru (Campus Crusade) staff guys who were performing at a “Night of Elegance.” Anyway, most preachers will tell you that they have never had an original idea in their life and this is especially true for us. We put our own spin on what we saw them doing and this is what we came up with. Watch and enjoy. We sure did.


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