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PonderingCultureLogoI want to go see 50 Shades of Grey.

There, I said it. My reasons are thus: Not only has the book become  a cultural phenomenon but the movie promises to be as well – at least if advertising has anything to do with it. But more than that I want to see it because  it appeals to what the Bible refers to as my “flesh”. My sinful nature craves to see what this movie is all about – sex. Yes, even a 56 year old man, who happens to be a pastor, thinks about sex…often.

So I really want to go see 50 Shades of Grey.

But I dare not! And I dare not read the book either. There is enough sexploitation in our culture that is unavoidable. This is something that I can avoid. I do not need the images that this movie will impress upon my brain – which I have realized has a photographic memory when it comes to such things. I can’t remember names or history lessons or Bible verses but unfortunately I can’t not remember sex scenes that were planted in my head as much as 40 years ago.

I am not a prude. I promise you that. But I will unashamedly say to you if you are thinking about going to see this movie that…

  • It will not be good for your spiritual life
  • It will not be good for your marriage (if you are married)
  • It will not be good for your marriage (if you are not yet married)
  • It will not be good for your sex life
  • It will NOT be good for you.

So while I want to go see this movie, I dare not! And I dare you not to as well.

Here are a few blogs I have come across that may help you think through these things for yourself.

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One thought on “Pondering Culture – 50 Shades of Grey

  1. I thank you for these thoughts and thank Marc for referring us here. I agree with your perspective, more and more as I try to grown spiritually, and I would say more specifically that it is not good for our souls. Everything we do, and see and hear, especially when we choose to observe it or engage in it, I think, becomes a part of us forever, even whether we recall it or not.

    I continue to try to limit my children’s exposure to all kinds of media content that the media itself says they are old enough to view. And as I do, I think more and more about my own exposure and absorption of such things. Perhaps in the past you’ve heard, “Nobody else’s parents do that.”

    Your post and my thoughts in the same vein often bring to mind a scene towards the end of the film, Phenomenom, with John Travolto, the scene in which he talks to the kids about the apple he’s eating. I highly recommend this film to everyone for this and many other reasons.

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