With Reverent Awesome Wonder

With reverent awesome wonder I look upon God’s world
And see resplendent glory everywhere.
The Lord could not contain Himself or veil His Excellence,
His beauty and His worth beyond compare.

I see Him in a gentle rain and in a hurricane
As both reveal His might and majesty.
I see Him in the gentle breeze and in tornadic winds
Which clearly show His robust sovereignty.

The eagle and the butterfly both lead me to marvel
At the way that He displays His great renown,
The creatures of the sea all magnify His fame
As they dwell beneath the water covered shroud.

But through the incarnation His glory was revealed
In ways in which it had not been before.
The Son of God stepped into time to walk upon the earth
To show that God’s love could not be ignored.

With grace and truth, with joy and love with mercy and compassion.
He came to seek and save that which was the lost.
By taking on our sin with a wild display of love
He manifest God’s glory at the cross.

It was upon that rugged cross God’s wrath was satisfied.
And salvation was secured once and for all
When Jesus claimed “tetelestai” all heaven did rejoice
Because He finished what was started at the Fall.

With reverent awesome wonder I think about that cross
And how my Savior gave His life for me.
His glory was ablaze with divine illumination
On the darkest day in human history.

God died upon that cross and believers ran to hide
While they tried to hope though feeling such despair.
They felt like they were trapped with no place that they could turn
It seemed like they were left without a prayer.

But then, O happy day, Jesus rose up from the dead
And everything He’d said made perfect sense.
Doubt turned into hope and confusion into joy
When they understood exactly what He’d meant.

So now the Church triumphant marches on in victory
Using nothing for a weapon but His Word.
Valiantly we dare to penetrate the darkness
Pressing onward as the army of the Lord.

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