Pondering the Word – Genesis 12-15


This week’s reading included Genesis 11-17. There were several matter of fact statements that stood out to me as I read about Abram’s encounters with God.

12:1  The Lord had said to Abram…

12:7  The Lord appeared to Abram…

15:1  After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision…

So evidently when the Lord wanted to communicate with Abram He did not restrict Himself to any one way. And in each of these instances there is no indication that Abram had any doubt about whether it was God or not.

But I am curious about a few things…

In 12:1, did God speak with a booming voice from the heavens or with a gentle whisper in his heart? In 12:7, in what way did the Lord appear? I have tried to picture this encounter in my mind and can’t come up with an image of God that would not have scared the bajeebies out of Abram. And yet, the Scriptures relate it in a matter of fact kind of way. In 15:1, was this a day time vision or a night time vision/dream?

I’m curious because I would love to have some encounters with God like Abram did. I’d love to hear a booming voice or have Him appear to me or have an undeniable vision from the Lord. But alas that is not the way that He speaks to me. He has however given me His written Word. And He has however given me the Incarnate Word – Jesus. Both undeniable communication sources that speak loud and clear.

Some day the Lord may choose to appear to me in a vision. But if not, that is OK. For now I am grateful that God is not silent and that as I read the Scriptures and abide in Christ then I have clear marching orders for my life, comfort for my soul, and an unambiguous view of who the Living God is.

Just as Abram did.

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