My 30th Anniversary – Sort Of

IMG_1282 As much as I like to think that “it is all about me” I know that it really is not all about me. But if it was all about me then today would be my 30th anniversary of becoming a dad. Incidentally, it is also my daughter’s 30th birthday. I find it very hard to believe that my baby girl could possibly be 30. I’m quite sure that she does as well – but that is beside the point because today is about me. As such, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane and highlight a few remembrances through the years that I have of Christy and me. For example…

I remember the day she was born and how excited I was to discover that epidurals made my job in the delivery room somewhat obsolete. And then the sheer joy of seeing that miracle enter the world. She is still a miraculous young woman in so many ways.

IMG_1280I remember when she was perhaps 1 year old tossing her high up into air – and always catching her, much to the pleasure of her mom.

I remember when she accidentally got dropped on her head as an infant and our race to the hospital as she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

I remember her crying as she prepared to be spanked and pleading that we not spank her on “her cute little hiney.”

IMG_1283I remember running into her room to make sure she was OK when a tornado tore through our neighborhood in Raleigh.

I remember the 3 years that we spent involved together in Indian Guides – Little Rainbow and Swift Buffalo.

I remember when she learned her first cuss word – imagine my shock when I heard the word “stupid” come out of her innocent little mouth.

I remember the concerts she had with her friend Catherine when they formed their girl group “C & C Totally”.

I remember the day that she gave her heart to the Lord, trusting in Jesus for her salvation.

I remember the day that I had the honor of baptizing her.


I remember the day that she turned 13 and giving her a necklace that she could one day give to her future husband as a token of her sexual purity.

I remember the fun times that we shared when I was her Youth Pastor.

I remember teaching her to ski at Snowshoe Mtn and how quickly she picked it up.


I remember what a great big sister she was to her brothers and the example she set for them.

I remember our first mission trip together and how hard she worked at serving other people.

I remember teaching her to drive and how easy it was to watch her drive away by herself the first time because I knew she would make smart choices.

I remember the first date she ever had – with me, before she ever went out with a yucky boy.

I remember all the years that she starred in the Durham Christmas Pageant as an angel outside the tomb of the resurrected Jesus.

I remember the day we took her to college at Appalachian State University and knowing that she was going to be a great student and have a great 4 years there.

I remember the day she got engaged – at a fairy tale setting at a castle in Slovakia along the Danube River which I got to watch and videotape as it happened.

I remember the day she got married – as I walked her down the aisle, gave her away to a yucky boy (who is really great husband) and then turned around and officiated the ceremony.


I remember lying in a bed beside her in a hospital in India after a scooter accident that we were involved in.

And I remember that day that my daughter became a mom – when I became not only a dad but also a Pop Pop.

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 2.45.02 PM

Lots of memories. And a lot that I did not even mention. And now that I think about it, this day really is not about me. It is about my wonderful and beautiful daughter Christy who has made my heart glad every day that she has been alive. She has brought incredible joy into our lives and to so many others as well and has been a tangible expression of God’s grace to us all these years. Happy birthday darling daughter!

(If you would like to see Christy’s reflections on her 30th birthday you can click HERE.)

3 thoughts on “My 30th Anniversary – Sort Of

  1. These thoughts made me smile at some very early memories. Enjoy your “anniversary” and every moment going forward. And guess what….we will celebrate a 40th anniversary in July! I’m not sure how excited Jennifer is about that one, though.

  2. So thankful for your daughter and her influence on my life! Shows how amazing you are as parents and the love you have for her. Thankful that you were my 2nd parents growing up too. Love all of you very much!

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