Quotes Worth Pondering – John Piper

QuotesWorthPonderingI think we should spend most of our creative energies on constructing in our minds and in our hearts and in our families great and beautiful and glorious alternative visions of reality than the ones we are being offered by the world. If we give most of our time to bemoaning and criticizing the world for acting like the world, our vision of God and his glorious future for his people will become smaller and smaller, and that could be a greater tragedy than the one we are living in.

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  1. Great point! Thanks for sharing. Thought about your great teaching on Questions the other day. Very practical and not unrelated to how we can “use our creative energies constructing “a right discernment of our reality.
    From Tozer: All other reality is contingent upon His. The great Reality is God, the Author of that lower and dependent reality which makes up the sum of created things, …

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