2016 Christmas Letter


Better late than never, right…

Grace and Peace to you as we celebrate the incarnation. As seems to happen every year, 2016 has been a blur. This was not a year that involved health issues or big trips or career changes or major crises. It was a year for us to enjoy the many, many ways that we have been blessed. We both turned 58 years old this summer and realize just how young we still are – though our bodies often remind us to the contrary. Here are a few highlights that you may or may not already know about:

  • us1Linda is in her 12th year as a school counselor at Carrington Middle School. She enjoys her job, most of the time, and does her best to advocate on behalf of students who are dealing with lots of family and cultural challenges.
  • Shay is in his 24th year at Ridgecrest Baptist Church serving as Pastor of Discipleship Ministries. He would tell you that he hasn’t worked for several decades because “if you find a job that you love you never have to work a day in your life.”
  • In May, Scott and Mary moved in with us as their lease was up and they were figuring out what was next for them. We had 4 months with them as they transitioned from their jobs into full time ministry and had their first child who chose to enter this world 6 weeks early. It was awesome to have them living with us before they moved 10 hours away to Mississippi – and took our grandson with them.

Here are a few snippets about each of our kids…



Christy and Chad: Married 8 years in June. Son Grayson turned 4 in November. Son Bowen turned 1 last January. Son, as yet unnamed, to be born in April ’17. Chad continues to serve as Missions Pastor at Crosspoint Church in Clemson SC. Christy continues to provide fun learning experiences for the boys as a stay at home mom.

reyner11Scott and Mary: Married 2 years in November. Son Keller Shay born 6 weeks early on July 29. Scott finished 3 years of teaching math at Carrington Middle School. Mary left her job as Occupational Therapist from Duke Regional. End of September moved to Starkville, Mississippi where Scott now serves as Kid’s Pastor at Pinelake Church. Mary is living her dream as a stay at home wife and mom.



Tucker and Danielle: Married 3 years in May. Expecting first child in June ’17. They are still living in Wilmington NC. Danielle works as an ophthalmic assistant at Wilmington Eye. Tucker works part time at Port City Java as a barista and part time at The Bridge Church as the Connections Director. Tucker graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in December with his M.Div.


Much grace and peace to you as you anticipate all that the Lord has in store for you in 2017.

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  1. I love seeing how your (and our) family(ies) are growing, and we grandparents all turn 58! And, I’m right there with you in the “better late than never” category with Christmas cards – – just got ours in the mail yesterday!! Happy New Year and may God continue to bless your family! Thank you for your posts!

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