A Prayer For Asher

Asher Elizabeth Reyner

June 9, 2017
8 pounds 4 ounces
21.5 inches long
Wilmington, NC
Parents: Tucker and Danielle Reyner
Grandparents: Shay and Linda Reyner (aka Nona and Pop Pop)

Father, I thank you for this blessing – this little girl who is so dependent upon others for everything but who already has been a source of great joy to many.

And this is my prayer as she grows up…

I pray that she would always find her dependence on You. And even when sin tries to take root in her heart and turn her away from You, that your Spirit would draw her back and enable her to find joy in clinging to You as she asserts a bold streak of dependence not independence.

I ask that her heart would be tender towards You and others from an early age. That she would yearn to know You and have a strong appetite for Your Word. That she would demonstrate genuine compassion towards others because she genuinely knows that You have shown great compassion towards her.

I pray that she will learn to abide in your magnificent, magnanimous love. That she will know the width and breadth and length and depth of the love of Christ, this love that surpasses knowledge that she might be filled to all the fulness of Christ.

I pray that You will use her parents to disciple her and to model for her a marriage that prioritizes You and Your Word. I pray that during her teenage years you will surround her with friends who seek after You and with with godly adult mentors who will exemplify Christ and spur her to want to know You better.

I pray that You will protect her from the evil one. Guard her. Shield her. Cover her. And while I know that she will not be immune to trouble and difficulty I ask that You would equip her with strength and wisdom to know that You are sovereignly in control, that she can rest in Your nearness and that Your joy will be her strength no matter what this world brings her way.

And finally I ask that just as she is a blessing, that you would use her to be a blessing in significant and eternal ways. That her life would be used to encourage others and to challenge others, and to serve others and to help others find their joy in You. Use her to lead others out of darkness and into your marvelous light and to know the only One who gives lasting satisfaction to our hungering hearts.

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