Pop Pop Epistle #3 – About a Rooster

PP5Dear Grandkids,

We recently had a rooster move in to the house behind us. Now as you know, we do not live out in the country but in a neighborhood. Yesterday Mr. Rooster and some of his chicky lady friends wandered into our yard – I’m guessing they escaped their pen or perhaps don’t even have a pen to live in. I have noticed that Mr. Rooster does his cock-a-doodle-do thing around 6:30 AM every morning. Now this does not bother me too much because I am usually up before then. But I suspect some of our other neighbors are none too pleased by the early morning wake up call.

Anyway, seeing Mr. Rooster yesterday got me to thinking about what I might can learn from him and his kin. Two things that I wanted to pass on to you…

1) Every morning, very consistently, Mr. Rooster wakes up and does the same thing. He has established a routine that helps him to get his day started. It will be a good thing for you also to establish morning routines early in your life to get your day off to the right start. Listening to and talking with God is a great routine to establish. This will mean taking time to read God’s Word and then talking with Him about what you have read. If you will do this consistently throughout your life you will be amazed at how God uses a simple routine to create an intimate, dynamic, energizing relationship with Him.

2) In Mark 14:72 the Lord used a rooster to bring about conviction of sin in the life of Peter –  one of the great leaders in the early church. The Scripture says that after hearing a rooster crow “Peter remembered how Jesus had said to him….” My takeaway from this is to let Mr. Rooster’s cock-a-doodle-do each morning be a reminder to me to confess any sin that I am aware of and to start the day with a freshness in my walk with the Lord.

Perhaps the next time you hear a rooster crow you will be reminded of these things and remember that your Pop Pop let a noisy old rooster teach him a thing or two.

And never ever forget that you are very loved,

Pop Pop

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.30.36 AM
Mr. Rooster and his lady friends in our back yard

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