Pop Pop Epistle #54 – About Galatians 2:20


Dear Grandkids,

I noticed this morning when I looked at my Fitbit that today is February 20. Or to say it another way – today is 2/20. When I saw the date it made me think of one of the most awesome verses in Scripture… Galatians 2:20.

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There is a context to this verse in Galatians 2  that really makes it stand out as incredible but even as a stand alone verse it is stunning – as well as audacious. If I had one verse in Scripture that I wanted you to memorize and ponder and thoroughly grasp what it says this might very well be it.

Here are some questions that this verse provokes me to keep asking – questions that I hope you will take the time to ponder:

  • Has my old sinful nature indeed been put to death (crucified)? If not, what is keeping that from happening?
  • Is it evident that Christ is alive in me?
  • In what ways does my life (and my lifestyle) demonstrate that I am living by faith?
  • Do I daily treasure the fact that Christ loved me so much that He gave Himself for me? Do I thoroughly grasp the depths of the love of Christ for me?
  • How do I display my gratitude to Him for rescuing me?

This is a verse that is worth coming back to again and again… and again. May the Lord use these 45 words to fuel you to live a Christ saturated life and to spur you on love Jesus more.

Never forget that you are very loved!

Pop Pop


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