Pop Pop Epistle #91 – Happy Birthday Bowen and Clemson Football

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Dear Bowen,

Happy Birthday # 5 my young grandson! And it just so happens that your birthday comes the day after a huge game for Clemson fans like you. And unfortunately after a loss for the national championship. But here are a few takeaways from Clemson’s loss and the Tiger’s season that might help you as you look forward to many more birthdays.

1) It’s awesome to win. But your true character will be revealed when you lose. Coach Swinney did a good job of congratulating LSU on a great win and a great season. He didn’t whine about losing. He didn’t make excuses. He was thrilled to have been a part of an epic battle.

2) The shared experience that this team had over the course of the season will be remembered long after the sting of the loss fades away. As you grow up you will learn that shared experiences are much more enjoyable than solo experiences. I am looking forward to some awesome shared experiences with you in the years to come.

3) Last nights game was a metaphor for what life is all about. It can be incredibly exciting. It is undeniably hard and grueling at times. It can be very disappointing. It is often a fight just to make a little progress. At times people will be cheering you on to succeed. But there will be others who delight in seeing you fail. Mistakes will be made. There will be lots of victories along the way – as well as lots of defeats. You will experience a lot of pain in this life. But you will also find much joy. And there is always the anticipation of next year.

4) Clemson had a great year. And it was fun to watch them play. And it is fun to be a fan these days. But never forget that there are much more important things in this life than football. Never forget that you are a child of the King. Never forget that you have been created for His purposes. Never forget that He is much more deserving of our worship than a football team. Never forget to remember the cross and what Jesus did to offer you true life.

And never forget that you are very very loved!

Pop Pop

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