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Dear Grandkids,

For about the last 20 years the staff at our church has provided the entertainment for our annual Valentine’s Banquet. We call ourselves The Staff Infection. There are usually 250-300 people in attendance and always a good time. We have a great meal, there are lots of giveaways, some comedy, some table games, and it always culminates with our “act.”

Last night was the 2020 version of the banquet. The theme was Elvis. Each of our five pastors made a grand entrance as Elvis, his brother Elvis, his other brother Elvis, and his two other brothers named Elvis. So there were five of us Elvis’ on stage and we each “sang” an Elvis song. My song was Love Me Tender.

We have had some really great performances over the years, a few very forgettable, but all of them memorable.

At the bottom of this post you will see a few of the characters that I have played. Perhaps my favorite was when I was awarded the Gnomie Award for best impersonation of a movie role – in my case it was the priest from the movie The Princess Bride. Remind me someday to share with you my “mawwaige” line – which is pretty good if I do say so myself. It has even made it into a few weddings that I have officiated.

One of the things that I hope you will always remember about me is that I like to have fun. In fact sometimes I have a hard time getting serious. But just for the fun of it I will share a few really silly riddles with you that I shared at the banquet last night. Perhaps you can use them with your friends. Enjoy.

Q: Why can’t you trust an atom?
A: Because they make up everything.

Q: If you have 13 apples in one hand and 10 oranges in the other, what do you have?
A: Big hands.

Q. Why aren’t Koalas actual bears?
A. They don’t meet the koalifications.

Q: Why couldn’t Cinderella play soccer?
A: She kept running away from the ball.

Q: What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?
A: A stick.

Q. What is the resemblance between a green apple and a red apple?
A. They’re both red except for the green one.


Never forget that you are very loved!

Pop Pop

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