Quotes Worth Pondering – Charles Colson


“For most of us, life is messy and confusing, filled with paradoxes. We wake up in the night, worrying about our jobs, our kids, or the best laid plans, which suddenly unravel due to the pressures of living in our high-tech, fast-moving world. One day we seem to have things under control; the next day we get steamrollered by events. If you haven’t experienced this, please write me; you would be the first person I know to have life all together.”
Charles W. Colson, The Good Life
We have a tendency to put on a good front when in reality most of our lives are “messy and confusing, filled with paradoxes.” This is a good reminder that all of us are dealing with the messiness of life and that NOBODY has their entire act together. Some of us just do a better job of hiding our messiness than others.

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