Harry’s Choice (and Ours) – Romans 12:1

On the morning of October 25, a few years ago, Harry made a decision that not only would tremendously affect his life but would also tremendously affect the lives of hundreds of other families.

He got up before dawn that day, sat down at his desk and penned this letter to his fiance:

My Darling,

In the years to come do not ever doubt how much I loved you.

I am filled with much sadness as I write this letter. Sadness because I will never hold you in my arms again. Sadness because we will not enjoy our wedding day. Sadness because we will not have a family or grow old together.

No doubt by the time this letter reaches you you will have heard of my death. I hope that you will remember me as a courageous and honorable man who was willing to die for a cause he desperately believed in. I do not regret my decision – my only regret is that I cannot look into your eyes, tell you again how much I love you, and kiss you one last time.

One day all this craziness will be over and life will be normal again. My hope is that you will find love again and enjoy your life knowing that you were very very loved.

All my love,


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