Stuff and Such 21.1

A Podcast – I’ve recently been listening to a podcast by Mark Batterson from National Community Church. Here are a few choice quotes from his message on January 3, 2021.

“You are a unique expression of God’s imagination.”

“When you have a setback you do not take a step back because God is already preparing you for a comeback.”

A Book – I’ve been reading a book by J. T. English called Deep Discipleship. He says this on p.9: “I believe it is time for the church to ask some serious questions about our shared disease and how we can begin to create depth that might lead to breadth.Perhaps the church should start thinking about what it means to go deeper with fewer instead of going wider with many. What if our cultural moment is inviting the church to embody the depth and substance of the Christian faith, not a shallow spirituality that appeals to the masses.” 

A Restaurant – Linda and I had our first take out dining experience at Spanglish in downtown Durham on Saturday. Very yummy. We got the Old Havana Ropa Vieja and 3 Empanadas. We will go back.

A Netflix TV Show – If you have not yet seen The Chosen it is very much worth watching. It is a show about the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of those who knew Him. Very well done. It takes some license with some of the things left unsaid in the gospels but creates a narrative that invites you to want to know Jesus better.

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