Brick #74 – Hebrews 2


There is a lot to ponder in this awesome chapter. I am going to put my pondering this week in the form of questions and hope that they will intrigue you to dig deeper into these extraordinary verses.

Verse 1: What does the word “therefore” refer to in this context?

Verse 1: What are some practical things you can do to “pay much closer attention” to God’s Word? What symptoms of spiritual A.D.D. do you experience?

Verse 1: Has spiritual “drift” occurred lately in your life? What do you need to do to get back on track”?

Verse 3: What role does “neglect” play in spiritual drift? What are some things you have neglected to do that you know you should be doing?

Verse 3: Can you list 10 reasons why we enjoy a “GREAT salvation”?

Verse 6: Why did the author use the word “somewhere”? Didi he not remember where the following verses are from?

Verses 6-8: What do these verses have to do with the “Septuagint”?

Verse 8: Can you think of a bigger understatement than “At present we not yet see everything in subjection to Him”?

Verse 9: What is the “substitutionary atonement”? How does it correlate with “he might taste death for everyone.”

Verses 14-18: Why was the incarnation necessary? Could God not have saved us some other way?

Verse 15: In what ways do people who are not physically enslaved experience “lifelong slavery”? What kinds of things are people enslaved to?

Verse 17: What is propitiation and what does it have to do with the wrath of God? If you get a chance check out Romans 3:23-25. You are probably familiar with 3:23, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  Verse 24-25 are part of the same sentence. Awesome!

Verse 18: Why is this verse a good one to remember when we deal with the trials and temptations of life?

In his commentary on Hebrews, Albert Mohler closes out his exposition of chapter 2 with these words:




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