Stuff and Such 21.5


Linda and I traveled to Charlotte last week for a quick visit with Christy, Chad, Grayson, Bowen, and Miller. I had a great time playing baseball with the kids and some of their cul-de-sac friends. I was reminded of how much I miss playing the game. I was also reminded of how careful a 62 year old has to be to keep from hurting himself when trying to keep up with a bunch of youngsters.

We also had a chance to go visit my brother who has just moved to the Charlotte area. He works for American Airlines and was relocated from St Louis. A lot of people think we look alike. Personally, I don’t see the resemblance. What thinkest thou?

Every year for Valentine’s Day our staff at Ridgecrest Baptist Church hosts a Valentine’ Banquet. This year was very different – we usually have about 250 people in our Gym but this year we did it virtually. One of the traditions is for our staff to do something goofy and funny. This year The Staff Infection (that is what we call ourselves) did a Sync or Swim skit. If interested you can find it at the 18:15 mark on the video below.






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