Brick #103 – 1 John 4


One of the enemy’s tactics to confuse believers and to negate the effectiveness of our faith is to distort the truth. This has been true since the very first encounter with Adam and Eve. It was true in John’s day. It is true today. Specifically if the enemy can distort the truth about Jesus then he gains a win.

In the first 6 verses of 1 John 4 we see the apostle encouraging believers to know and to stand on the truths of Scripture regarding Jesus. There are “preachers” who are very skillful communicators who have used their golden tongues to turn people away from the historical Biblical truths of the gospel and of Jesus. So just what should we believe about Jesus? Here is a short list of  truths – if you ever hear a preacher or anyone else call any one of these into question then you can be sure they are “not from God” (4:6) no matter how convincingly they may speak.

  • Jesus is the eternal Son of God
  • Jesus was NOT created. He was “in the beginning with God”
  • Jesus is the incarnate Son of God – He willingly took on flesh
  • Jesus was born of a virgin
  • Jesus lived a sinless life
  • Jesus is the propitiation for our sins – He appeased the wrath of God by dying on the cross as a sinless substitute for sinful man
  • Jesus rose triumphantly fro the dead
  • Jesus ascended into heaven
  • Jesus will return again in power and glory to judge the world

May this brick help you stand firm in the faith as you encounter those who will try to distort the truth of Jesus.



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