Brick #107 – Jude


I’m going about this pondering post a bit different than I usually do. Instead of giving some of my ponderings, I am going to give some questions that came to mind as I read the book – as well as a few internet resources that I found helpful.

Who was Jude? (see #3 in this link)
Verse 1: What does the word Beloved mean? Jude uses it several times in the first few verses.
Verse 3: What does it mean to contend for the faith? How do we do it?
Verse 4: What are some ways in our day that we see the grace of God being perverted? (Check out this article)
Verse 5: What reminders do we need to hear often today as the people of God?

Verse 11: “The way of Cain” – The way of Cain refers to any individual who attempts to approach God on his or her own terms rather than on God’s terms.

Verse 14: What do you know about Enoch? See Genesis 5:18 and THIS
Verse 20: How do you build yourself up in the faith? How do you “keep yourself in the love of God?”
Verse 23: How do you demonstrate mercy to those who doubt? How do you “snatch” them out of the fire?
Verse 24: What is a doxology?
May this brick help you get to know this little book better and to think about some of the issues that he addresses.

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