Pop Pop Epistle # 178 – Happy Birthday Audrey and About Camelot

Happy Birthday Audrey,

On December 3, 1960 – 62 years ago today –  the Broadway play Camelot debuted  on Broadway. It is the legendary story of King Arthur, Guenevere, and Sir Lancelot in the magical land of Camelot.

The legend of King Arthur is centered around a mythical sword known as Excalibur. The legend says that the sword was stuck in a stone and that only the rightful king of the land would be able to withdraw it. Many tried. Many failed. But when Arthur tried it came out easily. He was the rightful king of Camelot. It was King Arthur who ruled Camelot and it was King Arthur who established the Knights of the Round Table.

But it was your Pop Pop who established the Knights of the Cross – of which your dad is a member. When he was 10 years old I wanted to create a rite of passage for him. So I gathered 10 men around him who were tasked with praying for him about one specific character quality each. And I presented him with a replica of the sword Excalibur to remind him to stay true to the sword of the Spirit – which is the Word of God.

Which he has done!

You are only 5 years old but it will not be that long before you are thinking about meeting a man and getting married. Your Pop Pop’s encouragement to you is to make sure that the man that you marry is a man of the Word. A man who faithfully wields the Sword of the Spirit. A man like your dad.

Never forget that you are very loved,

Pop Pop




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