Pop Pop Epistle # 183 – Happy Birthday Haddon and About That Day

Dear Haddon,

A very happy birthday #3 to you.

You already know that I like to make up silly songs – often silly songs about you and the other grandkids…

There was a boy named Haddon
He loved to ride the bus.
His best friends were a monkey
And a hippopotamus.
The monkey’s name was Larry
And the hippos name was Sam.
They had another friend who was
A big old pig named Ham.

That one just got made up. I promise.

I’ve always liked words. Words are cool. Way back when I was in the 5th grade at Aiken Elementary I was the 5th grade spelling champion and runner up in the whole school. I still remember the word that I missed that is how devastated I was at losing.

I started writing poetry when I was in high school. For some reason I loved creating sentences that rhymed with one another. After I became a Christian I started writing poems about God and faith. It was a way for me to ponder on paper some of the thoughts and emotions I was having. Some of those poems turned into songs – you are probably most familiar with my Jonah Rap.

Here is another poem/song that is a favorite of mine. I wrote it many years ago at a time when I was thinking about heaven and THAT DAY when I would see Jesus face to face. THAT DAY is not as far away for me as it was then. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we experienced THAT DAY at the same time because we were both alive when Jesus decided to return to earth not as a little baby in a manger but as a Conquering King.

That Day

I’m longing for that day when I’ll be crowned with my reward
But more than that I cannot wait to see my precious Lord
For He has done so much for me
So much to set me free
And that is why I’m waiting for that day.


On that day He’ll come again
Or on that day I’ll go to Him
That day when this old journey is complete.
On that day my heart will sing
On that day I’ll see my king
On that day I’ll wake and know it’s not a dream.

I know it won’t be long before I enter heaven’s door
And then I’ll know just what my life of faith has all been for
I’ll see my savior face to face
I’ll feel the love of His embrace
And that is why I’m waiting for that day.


One day all the pain that comes with this life will be done
And I will cross the finish line and know the race is won
The victor will be on His throne
And I’ll see my eternal home
And that is why I’m waiting for that day. (chorus)

(Click HERE for a YouTube rendition and ponder this: why does Pop Pop have so much skin on his face)

You are a bundle of three year old awesomeness. Sorry there is so much yucky sickness in your family and I can’t celebrate with you on THIS DAY. But…

Never forget that you are very loved,

Pop Pop

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