Pop Pop Epistle # 186 – Happy Birthday Miller and About The Sword

Dear Miller,

This has been a fun birthday week for me – even though it is your birthday. Nona and I have had Miller time for the last 3 days since your mom and dad are hanging out down in Jamaica with friends.

One of the fun things that we have done along with your brothers is to play disc golf together. I’ve loved our team competition between Team Graybow (Grayson and Bowen) and Team MillPop (Miller and Pop Pop). The alternating shot format has actually made it fairly competitive – with you and me winning the first round and them winning the second round.

And evidently you fell in love with one of my discs – called The Sword. One of my favorite discs I might add. And you kept asking if you could have it. What’s a Pop Pop to do when his grandson asks for one of his Pop Pop’s favorite disc on his birthday? So now you have a great throwing disc called The Sword.

So every time that you throw The Sword I want you to think about this Scripture verse: “The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. (Ephesians 6:17) And what can the Word of God do for you? Glad you asked. Here are a few things that come to my mind:

  • The Word of God will nourish your soul
  • The Word of God will inform your prayers
  • The Word of God keep you from sin
  • The Word of God will bring joy to your heart
  • The Word of God will direct your steps
  • The Word of God will comfort you in troubling times
  • The Word of God will fuel you with hope
  • The Word of God will grow you toward holiness
  • The Word of God will enable you to discern truth
  • The Word of God will strengthen your faith

For all these reasons and more, make the Word of God a part of your everyday life. Read the Word. Ponder the Word. Study the Word. Memorize the Word. Discuss the Word. Pray the Word. Share the Word.

And the next time that we play disc golf maybe , just for old time’s sake, you will let me throw your disc and we can talk together about our love of The Sword of disc golf and our love of the Sword of the Spirit.

Never forget that you are very loved,

Pop Pop

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