Pop Pop Epistle # 194 – About Retirement (Part 4) – FAQs and a Retirement Video

Dear Grandkids,

Here are a few frequently asked questions that I get now that I have retired from full time vocational ministry. This is what we tell people…

Will you be moving away from Durham? No. We love Durham and we love our home and we have no plans to go anywhere. Our sons and their families live within 30 minutes of us and our daughter and her family is in Charlotte – just 2 hours away.

Will you still be attending Ridgecrest? Yes!

What are you going to be doing with your time? At least for the near future I will continue to work part time at Ridgecrest – leading the College Ministry and teaching the Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study as well as leading a few of our ministry teams. Linda and I will also continue in our role as Team Chaplains at Chick-fil-A on Roxboro Road. Those 2 things take up a good chunk of my days and 2-3 nights of my week. So far I have found that I have a bit more time for disc golf in the afternoons and more flexibility as other things that I want to do come up.

What is on your bucket list? We have a Utah National Parks/Grand Canyon trip planned for October and then 9 Grandkid trips between now and 2032. When our 1st grandkid was born 10 years ago we started setting aside money so that we could take each of them on a trip of their choosing in the continental US. Our first trip is in a few weeks with Grayson and we are going to San Fransisco – to do touristy things like Alcatraz and Redwoods but mostly to see his favorite football team, the New York Giants play the 49ers.

What are some of your favorite ministry memories? I have GREAT memories of  both the 10 years we spent at Providence Baptist and the 30 years we spent at Ridgecrest. Here is a video that my friend Al Huffman put together that captures some of the memories from the Ridgecrest years.

If I had to describe the past 40 years in one word I would use the word “blessed.” And if I were to add one adverb to that word it would be “incredibly.” But even more so, I consider myself incredibly and bodaciously blessed to be your Pop Pop. I’m very much looking forward to the memories that we will make in the years to come.

Never forget that you are very loved,

Pop Pop

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