It’s A Great Day To Be Alive

It’s a great day to be alive
It’s a great day to wake up and sing
It’s a great day to be a child of the King
It’s a great day to be alive.

Life is an adventure
Each day a new surprise
A chance to watch God do His thing
Before our very eyes.
And those who say they love Him
Who call upon His name
Will find joy in the journey
And strength for each new day.


Today I’ll make a difference
Today I’ll take my stand
Today I’ll walk with Jesus
As He guides me by the hand.
I’ll set a good example
And I’ll live unselfishly
I’ll choose to live by faith
Because the Father has changed me.


And when this life is over
And eternal life begins
When death has claimed this body
And we’ve said goodbye to friends
There won’t be any reason
For us to be afraid
Cause when we see the Father
We can joyfully still say that…


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